Vegan Hair Dye – Paul Mitchell

I have been wanting to dye my hair ombre for a while now but there have been 2 things putting me off:

  1. I am a total panic freak when it comes to my hair, after a traumatic experience going from shoulder length hair to a hideous flicked bob in Year 7, after which I waited five, yes five, years to get my hair cut! Now, I only get my hair cut once every couple of years, so needless to say a huge change like this freaks me out.
  2. I only use cruelty-free beauty products and have found it really difficult to find a hair care brand that shares these values, and moreover a salon that uses them.

Enter Bizzaz, a great little salon in Exeter who use Paul Mitchell – a compassionate, and largely vegan hair care brand. So today was the day to ditch the irrational fear and get ombre-ing and I’m so glad I did as this happened…

image ombre before and after

First of all, let’s chat salon decor. There were cobwebs, giant spiders and pumpkins galore which I absolutely loved, as I am Halloween’s biggest fan. Seriously, Halloween is my jam. Speaking of which, I am going to be sharing some great vegan Halloween recipes this coming week, so watch this space.

Bizzaz Paul Mitchell - Exeter

Back to the today’s ombre-ing. Maria also came with me to get her highlights touched up, so our amazing stylist Aleena blocked the whole afternoon out to dye, cut and style our hair. Aleena was so friendly and as a fellow animal lover, was also great about ensuring all of the products she used on my hair were cruelty-free. I’ve had hairdressers before who when you ask for an inch off of the length, they take three – Aleena was definitely not one of these hairdressers and pacified my irrational fear and didn’t take too much off at all. What. A. Babe. Not forgetting, she is an absolute wizard at ombre-ing. I am so, so pleased with how my hair has turned out, and couldn’t recommend Bizzaz any more highly.

bizzaz hair paul mitchell

I also really rate the Paul Mitchell products and am excited to order the  Platinum Blonde Shampoo recommended by Aleena to maintain my new (half) blonde hair. Eek. Blonde!!

bizzaz hair paul mitchell ombre

Paul Mitchell have an awesome feature on their website where you can search for a salon that uses their products, so if you want to get awesome hair with no animals harmed, find a Paul Mitchell salon near you by clicking here.

Endorphins make you happy

Since being back at university, I have absolutely loved having the time to get involved with workouts and sporting activities on a regular basis. As we all know from legally blonde, exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy, so keeping fit is not only good for your body but also for your mind.

legally blonde meme

In the past few weeks, Maria and I have been to an awesome yoga class and have entered a netball team in an intramural netball tournament where we are currently second in the league, can I get a hell yeah?! One thing we haven’t got back into yet is running; so today, whilst it was pouring with rain and thunder storming, what did we decide would be a great thing to do? Why, go for a run of course!

nike trainers in leaves

Earlier this year, we started the couch to 5k program – a 9 week running plan for beginners that gradually builds you up from couch potato to running a 5k. As we never completed it and haven’t run for months, we decided to start again at week 3. It was a good way to ease back into it but we felt we could push ourselves a bit more so did the podcast twice. The park we ran in looked absolutely beautiful with all of the orange, yellow and brown autumn leaves falling around us. Autumn is definitely the most beautiful time of year to me; check out those incredible colours ▷►▹▸

running in the autumn leaves

Like any mature adults would, we rewarded ourselves for our hard work with a post-run play session in the children’s play area. Whilst Maria got all flexy on the bars, I of course headed straight for the slide without noticing there was a huge, muddy puddle at the bottom. Oops.

pink running girl black running girl

As if this wasn’t enough exercise for one day, I also played my first ever game of squash this evening! Hitting a ball against a wall as hard as you can initially seemed a bit crazy to me, but turns out it’s actually really fun… that is of course until one of your friends hits you in the stomach with a squash ball – thanks for that Seany!


Now, curled up in bed with my favourite Hotel Chocolat Gianduja Bombes, I can confirm I definitely agree with Elle Woods when it comes to exercise making you happy. What is your favourite way to keep fit? Have any of you tried the couch to 5k?

World Animal Day

This weekend, I celebrated World Animal Day in the best way possible: hanging out with some of my best friends and lots of adorable animals at Pennywell Farm; of course all whilst my besty and I sported our matching Peta2 Animal hats.

pennywell farm

I have always loved all animals and getting to spend quality time with them just solidifies in my mind how happy I am to be living a vegan lifestyle.  The animals at Pennywell are all adorable, and we definitely came dangerously close to sneaking one of the tiny piglets and/ or bunnies out in our jumpers. How freaking adorable are they?!


I find it so strange that lots of people see dogs as pets, yet see pigs as food. Pigs make just as awesome companions as dogs and are such clever animals. Some fun facts about pigs: they have their own language, mother pigs sing to their young and some pigs have even been taught to play video games! That’s at least one thing that they’re better than me at… although admittedly given my shocking (lack of) FIFA skills, that’s not too surprising! If you need more convincing of how awesome pigs are, check out Esther the Wonder Pig. Esther is a total babe who is revolutionising the way we view pigs, one adorable picture at a time! I fully intend to share my home with a gorgeous piggy one day, but until then I will coo over cute pictures like this one on a regular basis ▶▷▸▹

How unbearably cute is that little face?!

micro piggy

Beautiful bunnies and micro piglets aside, we got the chance to chill out with lots of other gorgeous animals including: huge (and I mean huge) shire horses, cashmere goats, and lots of sheep. Here are some of my favourite pictures from the day ▶▷▸▹





Summary of this post: I seriously need to live on a farm one day so that I can chill out with lots of beautiful animals like these on a daily basis! I hope you all had an awesome World Animal Day too, let me know if you got up to anything fun.

One more extremely exciting thing that happened this weekend; I was featured on the awesome Lindsay Living Vegan‘s blog. You can check out the interview here and be sure to check out the rest of her blog whilst you’re there as she has lots of great posts ranging from beauty to health to recipes. A huge thanks to Lindsay for inviting me onto her blog; I’m looking forward to featuring her in the JGV Interview Series soon.


My Vegan 21st Birthday Party

Just over a month ago I finally turned 21 and my mum threw me and awesome party! I’ve been meaning to write a post about this for ages; however, soon after my birthday my boyfriend also turned 21 and to celebrate both of our birthdays we went on an awesome 2 week trip around North America. We got to try so much amazing vegan food in each of these places, you can read more about this here, here & here! So now that I’m back I decided to back up a month or so and share more details about my birthday party.

One of the coolest things about it was that we found a caterer who was able to serve an entirely vegan menu. Most of the people there weren’t vegan or even vegetarian so it was really fun for me to be able to show them how varied and delicious vegan food can be. And it definitely worked as not only was the food a big hit with us veggies/ vegans but even some of my most carnivorous friends came up to me during the night to say they were shocked by how great it was! My favourites from the menu were: calzone with roast butternut squash, pine nuts, sultanas & thyme and falafel with a tomato and mint dip.

vegan party food

As a little momentum of the night, my mum made me this room decoration using an old candle holder and the fairy lights & table gems we used for party decorations. I love it as it’s a great reminder of the night and also… how cute does that look?!

Home decor

One more thingI loved about my 21st birthday was the incredible present I received from my lovely boyfriend: a donation in my name to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. As you probably know, I love all animals and have a particularly soft spot for dogs, so for me helping dogs in need was the BEST. PRESENT. EVER.

battersea dogs and cats home

Overall this summer has been amazing; going vegan has been the best decision I’ve ever made and I’ve loved sharing the experience on the blog. Now the summer is coming to a close and I’m back at university, I’ll have lots more free time to spend on the blog. I have some super exciting plans for Jade Green Vegan including: a little makeover for the site, vamping up the recipe section & interviews with some awesome people . I hope you’ve all had a beautiful summer too and continue to follow along this journey with me ❤.

Vegan eats in Mexico

On our way to Mexico from Vegas we had a short stop over in San Francisco, and all I can say is I’m a huge fan of the vegan food selection at the airport. The Plant Cafe Organic had so many great options including these amazing chocolate chip cookies. Yum.

the plant cafe organic

After a jam-packed 8 days in NYC & Vegas, it was so nice to have 8 days to chill out in our beautiful all inclusive hotel in Cancun: The Now Sapphire Riviera waking up to this incredible view every morning.

Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun

As we didn’t venture out of our hotel on this part of the trip, the majority of my meals consisted of chips, spaghetti, salad & vegetables so I unfortunately don’t have any great restaurants to share with you like in NYC and Vegas. However, I did make the most of the huge fresh fruit selection in our hotel, and took it upon myself to arrange the fruit into lot of different shapes each morning before eating it. The desire to make my food look pretty is definitely something I inherited from my mum, as when I was younger (and even sometimes now) she’d arrange my food into smiley faces/ animals/ other cute shapes. What a babe. I didn’t realise how much this had rubbed off on me until one evening in Mexico we were playing pool with some Canadian guys and we got chatting about veganism. One of them said he thought I must be vegan as he’d seen me that morning with a huge plate of fruit, spending ages arranging it into shapes then taking lots of pictures of it… how embarrassing! At least I was enjoying myself, right?! Anyway, here are some of my favourite fruity creations ( I think the last one looks like a bunny cross butterfly… a bunnerfly maybe?!) Either way, they were all delicious!

image image image image

Fruity breakfast creations aside, there was one meal we had in Mexico that was amazing: a private vegan dinner on the beach. Wow. It was by far the most beautiful dinner setting I’ve ever seen, and the food was equally amazing. To start, we had a cauliflower, tomato and onion salad; followed by melon soup (weird but good)! For main we had courgette ravioli filled with mushrooms and tomato sauce – a great, healthy alternative to traditional ravioli. And finally, for desert we had a delicious orange sorbet – so yummy!

dinner on the beach


So that concludes my posts about our amazing trip to North America; I absolutely loved every place we visited and the incredible variety of vegan food we tried in each of them. Aside from the beautiful memories, the main thing I have taken from this trip is that although it may include a little more planning/ research/ awkward conversations using google translate to explain what being vegan means, maintaing a vegan lifestyle whilst travelling is totally do-able. After two fun-packed weeks, it was so nice to get home to my gorgeous dogs & give them their presents – judging by that smile, I think Poppy likes her sombrero!

cockapoo in sombrero

I’d love to hear if you have any tips for eating vegan whilst travelling? Also, if any of you are weird like me and play with your food too?

Vegan in Vegas Baby!

Part two of our trip around North American was in LAS VEGAS!!!! We had so much fun & crammed a crazy amount into our 4 days there; from pool parties, to burlesque shows, to a helicopter ride, to gambling (and losing) a ton of money, to of course, eating lots of yummy vegan food! It was an amazing 4 days and now I  can’t wait to go back. Here are some of the food and other highlights of our trip  ♥

Helicopter Ride over the Grand Canyon (coolest thing ever!)

grand canyon helicopter ride

We had some big wins on the slots 😉

vegas slots

Veggie noodles whilst chilling by the pool

Veggie noodles

Night at Hakkassan 

Night out at Hakkassan

Slice of Vegas

The food highlight of our time in Vegas was checking out an awesome vegan-friendly restaurant: Slice of Vegas. They have an extensive vegan menu, with too much to try in one sitting, so of course we went their twice in our 4 day visit!

For appetisers, we had the ‘Not Your Mama’s Garlic Bread’ as well as the ‘House Shoestring Fries’. Both were great choices & so filling!

slice of vegas fries

For main course they have a varied vegan menu, including but not limited to, lots of Daiya Mozzarella pizzas. We seriously need to find a way to get Daiya cheese to the UK as it’s just insanely good. There must be a petition or something? If not, I’m starting one. Anyway…

jennifer lawrence where's the pizza meme

Enough of my rambling, back to the Pizza. We decided share a half and half; Matt had the meatless meatballs (that’s a whole lot of alliteration there!) and I had mushroom and onion. Both were a-m-a-zing.

slice of vegas vegan pizza

Finally, for desert we had the best, and i mean BEST dessert I’ve eaten in my entire life: these yummy zeppolis! I am so excited to try to recreate these now I’m home, as I have been majorly craving them since we left Vegas.

slice of vegas zeppolis

In summary, Slice of Vegas rocked my world. If you’re in Vegas, you have to go check it out, you won’t regret it!

Cruelty-free in NYC

In the past month, Matt & I have both turned 21 and to celebrate we decided to go on a 2 week trip around North America! First stop was New York City, and to say I was excited to try out the vegan food scene in one of the vegan food capitals of the world would be an understatement!

The  trip got off to a great start with this yummy vegan plane food courtesy of Virgin Atlantic. I get way too excited about plane food, and this vegan curry and potato salad did not disappoint!

virgin vegan plane food

Moving on from my weird plane food fetish, let’s get down to all of the amazing food we ate in NYC. On our first morning we found an awesome bagel shop right around the corner from our hotel. They had a varierty of delicious tofu cream cheeses that were so good that we found ourselves there every morning of our entire trip!!bagel express NYC

Turns out tofu cream cheese bagels also make the perfect picnic snack in Central Park alongside a fresh fruit smoothie from a street vendor.

vegan tofu cream cheese bagels in Central Park

As well as eating a lot of bagels, we also visited some cool vegan/ vegan-friendly restaurants. Candle 79 – an entirely vegan restaurant – was my absolute favourite, so much so that we went their twice in our short visit. The servers were so friendly and helpful, the atmosphere was chilled and elegant, and the food was insanely good! We ordered way too many dishes both times we visited, but somehow managed to eat it all! Below are pictures of our favourite dishes…

Angel’s Nachos

nachos candle 79

Grilled Portobello Steak

Grilled portobello steak candle 79

Seitan Piccata

Seitan Piccata

Black bean-pumpkin seed burger (my favourite meal of the trip!)

candle 79 vegan burger

Another great restaurant that we visited with a varied vegan menu was Pala Pizza.

We both ordered the Funghi E Salsiccia Pizza and it was definitely a great choice (sorry for the poor quality photo – it was really dark in  there!!) The veggie sausage had such a great flavour, and Matt & I fell in love with daiya cheese. I really wish we could get it in the UK as it is the best cheese alternative I’ve tried.

Pala Pizza Funghi E Salsiccia

Despite being full, when we saw the table next to us eating this delicious chocolate cake we decided we could make a little more room for it. And boy am I glad we did, as it was one of the nicest vegan deserts I’ve ever had.

pala pizza vegan chocolate cake

On the last night we found an awesome juice place, Juice Generation, on the way to Times Square. Their mango juice made a perfectly refreshing snack on a warm NYC evening.

juice generation

They also had a great selection of vegan muffins; my personal fave was the pineapple + coco one. I wish we’d found this place sooner as I’m sure we would have been back to sample the rest of the gluten free, vegan bakery.

vegan muffins juice generation

We had an amazing 4 and a half days in NYC, and the vegan food scene definitely lived up to my expectations. Until next time NYC xo NYC vegan

P.S. A BIG thanks to Matt for all of the arty photos for this post ♥, the rest of the sub par phone photos are courtesy of me – sorry guys!

Amsterdam Vegan Guide

Wandering around the streets of Amsterdam city centre on a hot Saturday afternoon, my Pret fruit salad and Hotel Chocolat airplane snacks seemed like a distant memory and the hanger was starting to set in. This is why I was so excited when we stumbled across Maoz Vegetarian, an international food chain serving falafel and other freshly made veggie food – yum yum yum! I ordered the whole wheat falafel pita topped with lots of yummy salad from the self-service salad bar and a shared a side of chips with my mum. It looked and smelt so good that I couldn’t resist taking a quick bite before snapping a picture – sorry guys! With numerous locations across Europe and the USA, this is the perfect on-the-go lunch for a travelling vegan; I know I will definitely be hitting up Maoz when I visit NYC later this summer.

Maoz vegetarian Amsterdam

After seeing the 2 hour queue outside Anne Frank’s house on Sunday afternoon, we decided to have a wander along the canal and find somewhere to eat lunch. We stumbled across a little pub overlooking the water and I ordered this delicious humus and roasted veggie sandwich. It was one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had and I will definitely be trying to recreate this sandwich in the near future. Side note: Anne Frank’s house is such a moving experience and well worth a visit; we went back at 7 in the evening and the queue was much shorter so avoiding peak times seems to be the way to go!

humus and roasted veg sandwich

Last but not least of my vegan Amsterdam eats was my Sunday night dinner. The Tempura of vegetable spaghetti from the Skyy Bar at the top of our hotel was my favourite meal of the trip. Just looking at this picture is making my mouth water! The dish was crispy on the outside but soft on the inside and perfectly complemented by the bed of seaweed on which is was served, just yum.

vegan tempura vegetable spaghetti

Not only was the food amazing but like the rest of our hotel, the bar atmosphere and decor were uber cool too. If you’re planning a trip to Amsterdam, I would definitely recommend staying in our hotel, or at the very least a visit to the Skyy Bar! How freaking cool is that ceiling?!

Skyy bar amsterdam

On top of lots of yummy food, we also had an awesome time exploring Amsterdam. We were really lucky as we visited on gay pride weekend which meant that there was even more atmosphere and activity than usual!  Here are a few of my favourite pics from our trip…

Lemon water in Amsterdam


Lunch by the river

Gay pride


Inside my vegan hand luggage

Yesterday morning my mum and I got back from our awesome weekend trip to Amsterdam. Our flight was at 7am, so we had to get up at half 4 and now I am feeling majorly jet-lagged (can you even get jet lag from a one hour time-difference? I thinks so!)

This was my first trip abroad as a vegan so I was a little unsure how the food situation would be. However, I decided that if worst came to worst, I’d have lots of fresh fruit and veggies – YUM!

As we only went away for the weekend, we didn’t check in any bags and packed everything in our hand luggage, *gulp*! I used to find this such a struggle but since I’ve been travelling more for work, I’ve got pretty good at cramming a few day’s worth of stuff into a small bag!

I thought it’d be fun to give you a peek inside my bag to see my travel essentials for a weekend away and check out the cute tiny toiletries I took with me (I love tiny toiletries) – everything is cruelty free of course.

Cath Kidtson vegan hand luggage bag

Bag: Cath Kidston

Shampoo & conditioner: Tara Smith at M&S

Make up wipes: Formula at M&S

Tooth paste: Dr Organic at Holland and Barrett

Snacks: Evian (which I had to throw away at the airport -oops!)

Gianduja chocolate bombs from Hotel Chocolat (YUM!)

Book for the flight: I can do it by Louise Hay

Lightweight PJs: Forever 21

P.s. My vegan eats in Amsterdam post will be up soon, stay tuned because there were some yummies!

My first vegan dinner party!

Last weekend, we hosted our first dinner party since I became vegan and it was a-maz-ing!

Our friends that we invited have recently decided to go vegetarian, so it was cool to be able to share all of the vegan dishes with them.

I got waaaay too excited about making the table look pretty and may have gone a little overboard with decorating name cards!

vegan dinner party table

Now, onto the delicious food…

In some families you have to say grace before everyone can eat; in my house, it’s becoming pretty standard that everyone has to wait until I’ve taken pictures of the food before we can start eating , ah the life of a food blogger!!

Now really, onto the food! My mum is an amazing cook and has been adapting her previously meat dishes into vegetarian dishes for me for years. Now she has the even bigger challenge of adapting them into vegan-friendly meals, and she is doing a great job!

Her veggie Lasagne is one of my all time favourites, and she made it vegan by substituting the white sauce with an almond milk and corn flour mixture, and to add crunchiness – a bread crumb and vegan butter topping. YUM. Everyone LOVED this dish; and even my cheese loving, vegetarian boyfriend said this was the best lasagne yet – go mama!

We also had a fresh vegetable paella which was scrummy, and also really good for left-overs the next day too.

vegan lasagna and vegan paella

My mum’s vegetarian chilli is THE BOMB. Like seriously, party in your mouth. It’s my all time favourite dinner, as you can do so much with it: eat it with home-made garlic batons, in a jacket potato, with rice, with nachos, with salad, with home-made coleslaw – the possibilities are endless! So as always, this was a big hit!

We also had a mixed leaf salad with cherry tomatoes which is such a simple, healthy side and goes well with most things – a dinner party must.

vegan chilli and salad

For desert, we had some awesome home-made melted vegan chocolate…

vegan chocolate

…And to dip in the chocolate we had delicious strawberries and banana slices. Heaven.

strawberries and banana

It was such a lovely evening, and the food went down amazingly! I’ll be sharing some of the recipes on the blog soon, so watch this space!

Vegan dinner party