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My favourite vegan products from Lush

Not only do Lush products smell insanely heavenly but the company also has great ethical principles, and any brand that promotes kindness to animals and uses natural ingredients whilst creating amazing products is definitely one I want to support! All of Lush‘s products are vegetarian, and those that are vegan display the vegan logo so are super easy to find. I have tried a variety of Lush cosmetics and these three below are my absolute favourites so I wanted to share them with all of you.

lush products vegan

The YUMMY MUMMY shower gel was a limited edition for mother’s day, so I have majorly stocked up on them before the stores run out! It smells so delicious and leaves your skin feeling smooth and healthy so if you manage to get your hands on one of these, I would definitely recommend it.

yummy mummy lush

REHAB is hands down my favourite shampoo that I have ever used! It is so nourishing and leaves my hair smelling absolutely incredible.

rehab lush

Finally, saving the best until last, the R&B hair moisturiser is an absolute godsend! Since I started getting my hair ombred last year, it has needed a lot of extra TLC and this leave in conditioner definitely does the trick. After washing my hair, I rub a pea sized amount through the ends and it helps to create healthy, natural curls.

R&B Lush

The combination of REHAB and R&B has made my hair feel so healthy and has restored my natural curls, meaning I barely ever use heat on it anymore which is amazing! I really cannot recommend Lush products enough, and especially these three!

Do you guys use Lush? What are your favourite cruelty-free cosmetic brands?

Superdrug vegan haircare

I am a big fan of Superdrug’s range of own brand products, as not only are they super affordable, they are also BUAV approved and suitable for vegans. So, when I saw that they had a tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner, I was beyond excited to try it! Tea tree oil has been attributed to being useful in aiding the treatment of a variety of medical conditions, as well as having lots of beneficial dermatologic properties (read: this little gem is awesome at getting rid of pesky blemishes!) Whilst tea-tree oil has been my go-to spot cure since I started a skin care routine; prior to purchasing this duo, I had never used a tea tree hair product before so was excited to see if it could work its magic on my hair too!

I was definitely not disappointed, as the shampoo and conditioner smell great and left my hair feeling silky and hydrated ▼▽▼▽▼

super drug tea tree shampoo

Since colouring my hair using the amazing Paul Mitchell products, my newly (half) blonde locks have needed a little bit more TLC. I therefore decided to try out the Supderdrug coconut oil as a hair mask. I generally leave it on for about 5/10 minutes in the shower post-conditioner but for a more intense rejuvenation, you can leave it in over night before showering it off in the morning. This works a treat and leaves your hair feeling healthy and moisturised ▼▽▼▽▼

coconut oil vegan

For more details or to purchase any of these products, click on the links below:

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Have any of you tried the Superdrug products? If so, what do you think?