Vegan in Vegas Baby!

Part two of our trip around North American was in LAS VEGAS!!!! We had so much fun & crammed a crazy amount into our 4 days there; from pool parties, to burlesque shows, to a helicopter ride, to gambling (and losing) a ton of money, to of course, eating lots of yummy vegan food! It was an amazing 4 days and now I  can’t wait to go back. Here are some of the food and other highlights of our trip  ♥

Helicopter Ride over the Grand Canyon (coolest thing ever!)

grand canyon helicopter ride

We had some big wins on the slots 😉

vegas slots

Veggie noodles whilst chilling by the pool

Veggie noodles

Night at Hakkassan 

Night out at Hakkassan

Slice of Vegas

The food highlight of our time in Vegas was checking out an awesome vegan-friendly restaurant: Slice of Vegas. They have an extensive vegan menu, with too much to try in one sitting, so of course we went their twice in our 4 day visit!

For appetisers, we had the ‘Not Your Mama’s Garlic Bread’ as well as the ‘House Shoestring Fries’. Both were great choices & so filling!

slice of vegas fries

For main course they have a varied vegan menu, including but not limited to, lots of Daiya Mozzarella pizzas. We seriously need to find a way to get Daiya cheese to the UK as it’s just insanely good. There must be a petition or something? If not, I’m starting one. Anyway…

jennifer lawrence where's the pizza meme

Enough of my rambling, back to the Pizza. We decided share a half and half; Matt had the meatless meatballs (that’s a whole lot of alliteration there!) and I had mushroom and onion. Both were a-m-a-zing.

slice of vegas vegan pizza

Finally, for desert we had the best, and i mean BEST dessert I’ve eaten in my entire life: these yummy zeppolis! I am so excited to try to recreate these now I’m home, as I have been majorly craving them since we left Vegas.

slice of vegas zeppolis

In summary, Slice of Vegas rocked my world. If you’re in Vegas, you have to go check it out, you won’t regret it!


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