Inside my vegan hand luggage

Yesterday morning my mum and I got back from our awesome weekend trip to Amsterdam. Our flight was at 7am, so we had to get up at half 4 and now I am feeling majorly jet-lagged (can you even get jet lag from a one hour time-difference? I thinks so!)

This was my first trip abroad as a vegan so I was a little unsure how the food situation would be. However, I decided that if worst came to worst, I’d have lots of fresh fruit and veggies – YUM!

As we only went away for the weekend, we didn’t check in any bags and packed everything in our hand luggage, *gulp*! I used to find this such a struggle but since I’ve been travelling more for work, I’ve got pretty good at cramming a few day’s worth of stuff into a small bag!

I thought it’d be fun to give you a peek inside my bag to see my travel essentials for a weekend away and check out the cute tiny toiletries I took with me (I love tiny toiletries) – everything is cruelty free of course.

Cath Kidtson vegan hand luggage bag

Bag: Cath Kidston

Shampoo & conditioner: Tara Smith at M&S

Make up wipes: Formula at M&S

Tooth paste: Dr Organic at Holland and Barrett

Snacks: Evian (which I had to throw away at the airport -oops!)

Gianduja chocolate bombs from Hotel Chocolat (YUM!)

Book for the flight: I can do it by Louise Hay

Lightweight PJs: Forever 21

P.s. My vegan eats in Amsterdam post will be up soon, stay tuned because there were some yummies!


  1. Knowing you, I’m impressed you managed to pack everything in one bag! Sounds like you had a great time, and a good looking forward to seeing how the Dutch do vegan! x

  2. How was Amsterdam? I really want to go there. Also, what’s the Dr Organic toothpaste like? I’m trying to find a natural SLS and fluoride free toothpaste and all the ones I’ve tried so far are disgusting, I need to find one that doesn’t taste vile and does the job!x

    1. Amsterdam was incredible, everyone is so friendly and it has such a cool vibe :).
      I’m working on a blog post at the moment about my trip & what I ate there so that should be up later today!
      I’m a huge fan of the Doctor Organic toothpaste, it’s cruelty-free and I think it tastes pretty good so is definitely worth a try.
      I just had a little look at your blog & really like it, thanks for connecting x

      1. Ooh I must go there soon, looking forward to reading your blog about it. It was a toss up between going there and Barcelona, and Barcelona won this time! Do you find it difficult finding vegan food whilst travelling? Great thanks, I will give it a go and see if I like the taste. Thanks very much, I really appreciate that 🙂

      2. How exciting – Barcelona is awesome too! I went there for a long weekend last year but I was vegetarian at the time so unfortunately can’t recommend any good vegan places. However, Maoz – a place I visited in Amsterdam – have a restaurant in Barcelona, it’s a great place to have lunch on-the-go! Amsterdam was my first trip as a vegan and it was a lot easier than I expected, I think doing a little bit of research beforehand is definitely useful & having lots of fresh fruit as a back up. Have a great time in Barcelona – let me know what awesome vegan food you find :).

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