Vegan eats in Mexico

On our way to Mexico from Vegas we had a short stop over in San Francisco, and all I can say is I’m a huge fan of the vegan food selection at the airport. The Plant Cafe Organic had so many great options including these amazing chocolate chip cookies. Yum.

the plant cafe organic

After a jam-packed 8 days in NYC & Vegas, it was so nice to have 8 days to chill out in our beautiful all inclusive hotel in Cancun: The Now Sapphire Riviera waking up to this incredible view every morning.

Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun

As we didn’t venture out of our hotel on this part of the trip, the majority of my meals consisted of chips, spaghetti, salad & vegetables so I unfortunately don’t have any great restaurants to share with you like in NYC and Vegas. However, I did make the most of the huge fresh fruit selection in our hotel, and took it upon myself to arrange the fruit into lot of different shapes each morning before eating it. The desire to make my food look pretty is definitely something I inherited from my mum, as when I was younger (and even sometimes now) she’d arrange my food into smiley faces/ animals/ other cute shapes. What a babe. I didn’t realise how much this had rubbed off on me until one evening in Mexico we were playing pool with some Canadian guys and we got chatting about veganism. One of them said he thought I must be vegan as he’d seen me that morning with a huge plate of fruit, spending ages arranging it into shapes then taking lots of pictures of it… how embarrassing! At least I was enjoying myself, right?! Anyway, here are some of my favourite fruity creations ( I think the last one looks like a bunny cross butterfly… a bunnerfly maybe?!) Either way, they were all delicious!

image image image image

Fruity breakfast creations aside, there was one meal we had in Mexico that was amazing: a private vegan dinner on the beach. Wow. It was by far the most beautiful dinner setting I’ve ever seen, and the food was equally amazing. To start, we had a cauliflower, tomato and onion salad; followed by melon soup (weird but good)! For main we had courgette ravioli filled with mushrooms and tomato sauce – a great, healthy alternative to traditional ravioli. And finally, for desert we had a delicious orange sorbet – so yummy!

dinner on the beach


So that concludes my posts about our amazing trip to North America; I absolutely loved every place we visited and the incredible variety of vegan food we tried in each of them. Aside from the beautiful memories, the main thing I have taken from this trip is that although it may include a little more planning/ research/ awkward conversations using google translate to explain what being vegan means, maintaing a vegan lifestyle whilst travelling is totally do-able. After two fun-packed weeks, it was so nice to get home to my gorgeous dogs & give them their presents – judging by that smile, I think Poppy likes her sombrero!

cockapoo in sombrero

I’d love to hear if you have any tips for eating vegan whilst travelling? Also, if any of you are weird like me and play with your food too?


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