Last weekend we had a stall at the West Midlands Vegan Festival for the Jade Green Vegan Compassionate Clothing Line. We had a great weekend meeting lots of lovely people, and it was made even better by the fact that we spent a day with Matt’s mum and dad on the way home as they live fairly near by in Malvern.

Matt’s mum and dad called lots of local restaurants to see if any of their menus could be veganised and  Gallery 36 was by far one of the most accommodating. Even though Gallery 36 isn’t a specifically vegetarian/vegan restaurant, they have lots of vegetarian options and were so helpful and really knowledgable in telling us which dishes could be made vegan.



I ordered the Vegetarian Platter (less halloumi and aioli, add extra falafel). The platter had a great variety of veggie dishes – I especially loved the falafel and stuffed vine leaves – and was served with a big rustic baguette making it super filling.


Matt went for the Veggie Breakfast (less the free range egg) – another very easily veganisable dish – and absolutely loved it!


So if you find yourself in Malvern, I’d definitely recommend visiting Gallery 36, and be sure to ask your waiter which dishes can be veganised as there were lots of others our waiter mentioned (including the patatas bravas and the vegetable bean chilli enchiladas)!

If you’d like to watch a vlog of our weekend at the festival and in Malvern, you can check that out here:

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