Last weekend, I visited Paris with some of my best friends from uni and whilst we were wandering around the city, we stumbled upon Shakespeare and Company Café. I was so happy to see that they had lots of vegan options so we decided to check them out. I ordered  a fresh orange juice with a hummus and carrot bagel; it was bursting with flavour and tasted absolutely delicious!


I’m so pleased we found this little gem of a café and will definitely be heading back there next time I’m in Paris to work my way through the menu.

Whilst we were in Paris we also spent a day in Disney Land; even though we’re all grown up now, it was still such a magical experience. I vlogged our whole weekend, including our visit to Shakespeare and Company Café and our magical day in Disneyland – it’s a super fun vlog so be sure to check that out here:

If you’re planning on visiting Paris and would like more ideas of where to find delicious vegan food, check out my previous vegan in Paris blog post here.

Where’s your favourite vegan eatery in Paris? Have you ever been to Disney Land? Let me know down below 🙂 xo

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