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Vegan eats in Birmingham – Mr Singh’s Pizza

Matt is moving to London next week (eeek – too exciting!) so I am spending this weekend in Birmingham helping him pack up his house (read: watching Matt pack whilst I chill out on the sofa watching The Mindy Project)! In-between packing/TV watching, we are spending the weekend eating at our favourite veggie and vegan restaurants in Birmingham. Tomorrow we will be heading to Bistro 1847 for Sunday Lunch which I am so excited for; but tonight we decided to have a lazy night in and order delivery from our favourite takeaway – Mr Singh’s Pizza. Mr Singh’s is an entirely vegetarian restaurant that also has a lot of delicious vegan options. Hand’s down, their vegan pizzas are going to be the main thing I miss in Birmingham.

I have never shared Mr Singh’s on the blog before, as I’m usually too excited to tuck in and start eating to take pictures of the pizza. However, as this is my last one for the foreseeable future, I managed to muster up enough self control to take some pictures so I could share these delicious pizzas with you all.

mr singh's pizza

As always, I ordered a large vegan cheese margarita pizza with mushrooms and red onions, and Matt ordered an XL vegan cheese margarita! Not only are these pizzas insanely delicious but they’re also extremely affordable and a lot cheaper than all of the mainstream pizza deliveries, with a 14 inch XL pizza costing only £7.99 – say whaaat?!

vegan pizza

If you live in Birmingham or ever find yourself visiting, Mr Singh’s is an absolute must-try!

Thank you for all of the great pizzas Mr Singh’s – if you could open a restaurant in London, I would be eternally grateful.