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Last weekend the JGV Compassionate Clothing Line had a stall at the Bournemouth Vegan Fair. As Matt’s lovely Grandma lives in Bournemouth (who btw at 90 years old is insanely cool, open-minded & banterous), we decided to make a weekend of it by travelling up on Friday lunchtime to spend some quality time with Grandma JJ, as well as checking out the Bournemouth vegan food scene.



We were really excited to hear that Bournemouth’s vegetarian restaurant Zoukinis had recently been transformed into a fully vegan restaurant, now named Amala. So, on Friday evening, we took Matt’s grandma for her first ever vegan restaurant visit to Amala.


The restaurant has a great yogi/eco-friendly vibe, with the beautiful woodland themed décor sprinkled with delicate fairy lights.


Firstly, let me say that I absolutely love the fact that you’re greeted by a glass of warm lemon water – what a great way to start a meal! The menu features an abundance of healthy and nutritious vegan cuisine, something Matt and I as wannabe HCLF but in reality Junk Food Vegans are not used to, but were very excited to try.

For main course, Grandma JJ and I both ordered the burger with sweet potato fries, whilst Matt ordered the veggie filo pastry. Although usually a bit of a Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S when it comes to sharing food (Joey doesn’t share food), Matt let me try a bit of his pastry and we both agreed it was absolutely delicious!


The burger of the day when we visited was a quinoa patty and had a very sweet taste, which we discovered was due to the fact that it contained dates. Neither Grandma JJ or I are big sweet mixed with savoury lovers (the idea of putting pineapple on a pizza has always seemed beyond weird to me); however, if you love that kinda thing, which I know a lot of people do, then this would definitely be the burger for you! The burger was accompanied by sweet potato fries that were cooked to perfection, deliciously creamy vegan mayonnaise and coleslaw which I definitely could have eaten by the spoonful!


For dessert, Grandma JJ ordered the sorbet which she absolutely loved; Matt ordered the chocolate brownie, and I ordered the cheesecake. Matt has a very mild nut allergy and forgot to check if the desserts contained nuts; unfortunately both mine and his did, so I had the verrrry difficult task of eating two equally delicious vegan desserts #itsahardlife! The Amala team were really lovely and offered to bring Matt another dessert even though it was our mistake; but he was very happy eating the sorbet that came on the side of his brownie.


Thank you very much to Amala for inviting us to their lovely restaurant; it’s always great to find a new vegan spot and it makes me so happy that you can now find a vegan restaurant almost everywhere you go!


Now, before this post turns into a book, I wanna quickly say a couple of things about the festival! The organisation was impeccable, making the festival one of the best I’ve ever been to. The stall layout was extremely spacious meaning it was comfortable for stall-holders and customers alike, not to mention the location was incredible with a beautiful view of Bournemouth beach. We were really lucky as the weather stayed mostly dry and sunny, but let’s be honest, of course there was a little bit of rain, we are in England after all.


It was great to get to hang out with so many of my favourite veggie business owners, as well as discovering a few new businesses/charities (check out my Bournemouth vlog at the end of this post for interviews with You Cork It, Solkiki and F.R.I.E.N.D). As always, I also love meeting clothing line customers/blog readers and nothing is cooler than seeing people walking around in my designs; I really do feel so lucky to have such awesome customers!



Finally, I can’t finish this post without telling you guys about Bournemouth Pizza Co. Lizzie, a lovely lady we got chatting to at the festival, told us about Bournemouth’s booming vegan food scene, and gave us a leaflet showing lots of places that have great vegan options. As soon as we saw that Bournemouth Pizza Co. offered a vegan cheese, we knew we had our Saturday night sorted! Pretty much as soon as they opened, we called to order: two large pizzas, a garlic bread, and a chocolate and banana calzone – is your mouth watering yet? I know mine is! Did I mention, they deliver? And this all came in at under £30? And it was insanely delicious. This place is basically heaven on earth for pizza lovers! Thank you very much Lizzie!!!!



We had such a great weekend hanging out with Grandma JJ, chilling by the beautiful sandy beach, meeting other lovely vegans and eating A LOT of delicious vegan food. I’m seriously considering a move to Bournemouth, as beautiful beaches coupled with a delicious and growing vegan food scene is basically everything I want in a place to live!

Be sure to check out my vlog of the weekend featuring our visit to Amala, our pizza night in, and a few interviews with awesome vegan business/charities at the Bournemouth Vegan Fair!

Dr Hadwen Trust

As most of you know, each month I pick an animal charity that I admire to donate £1 to for every sale I make. For the months of April and May 2016, I chose The Dr Hadwen Trust, a wonderful charity I came across at Vegfest Brighton earlier this year. As the UK’s leading non-animal medical research charity, The Dr Hadwen Trust fund and promote the development of techniques and procedures to replace the use of animals in biomedical research. This is a cause which I feel extremely passionate about and am therefore delighted to be able to support, with the help of all of my amazing customers!

After a few awesome festivals (Kent, Croydon & Vegfest Briston) we have so far managed to raise just under £200! Thank you so much to all of my lovely customers for helping to reach this amount. If you’d like to buy some awesome statement clothing at a discount and help us to raise even more money for The Dr Hadwen Trust, head to before 31st May and enter the code ‘DRHADWEN10’ to get 10% off your purchase!

xo JadeIMG_0776.jpeg

Vegan Eats at Glastonbury

After getting home from Glastonbury in the early hours of Monday morning and sleeping until 2 in the afternoon (that must be some kinda laziness record!) I am slowly returning to reality; so thought it was about time I wrote a post on my vegan eats and how I found my first ever festival!!

I shared my apprehension in relation to the shower/ toilet situation in my: How to do Glastonbury… Vegan style post; and unfortunately, my fears were validated within hours of arriving at the site when I became acquainted with the ‘toilets’. I’ll spare you the details but let’s just say I have a new found appreciation for modern plumbing. As expected, 2/6 of my Festival Shopping List went completely unused, I bet you can guess which items they were! The lack of showering wasn’t too bad, as I had daily wet-wipe ‘showers’ and the super drug dry shampoo was awesome! Although I must say, my Monday morning 2.30am shower was probably the best shower I’ve had in my entire life. Despite the toilet trauma and my poor personal hygiene; the weekend was filled with amazing music, great company, and of course lots of incredible vegan food.

So let’s get down to my Glastonbury vegan eats…

1. Fresh Organic

The Fresh Organic Veggie Burger stall quickly became my favourite spot. I’m not sure if ‘Fresh Organic’ was its name but that’s what I’m guessing based on their sign, so let’s go with that! fresh organic vegan stall glastonbury

I went there at least once a day to get my lemon juice fix. lemon juice glastonbury

And their chocolate banana bread was the perfect breakfast/ midday/ late night, okay all times of day, snack! chocolate and banana bread glastonbury

They also had a great range of veggie burgers with a huge selection of vegan friendly sauces, including my personal favourite: garlic mayonnaise!

vegan sauces glastonbury

On Sunday, we packed our tent up in the morning and carried it back to the car so that we could avoid the queues when leaving later that night. We got so wrapped up in packing up our messy and very muddy tent that we forgot to have breakfast… big mistake! After a 2 hour walk which comprised carrying extremely heavy bags in the sweltering heat, trekking across the wrong field for a good 20 mins, and a tent strap breaking (along with my spirit) midway through, I was feeling majorly hangry! I discovered recently that not everyone knows what hangry means, so in case you’ve never heard this before, it’s when you get so hungry that the lack of food starts to make you feel angry. I suffer from major hanger issues, kinda like this!

jennifer lawrence where's the pizza meme

So anyway, I’m not sure if this is the hanger speaking, but when I had my first meal of the day at 2pm: this veggie burger and chips with garlic mayonnaise, it tasted like the best thing I’ve ever eaten! veggie burger and chips glastonbury


2. No Bones Jones

I found this stall at lunch time on my third day, and dragged my boyfriend back there for dinner later that night because it was just that good!


Their veggie fritter bowl topped with salad, spinach and chickpea curry, and red bean stew was delicious; and just the kind of healthiness I needed after stuffing my face with veggie burgers for 2 days!

no bones jones galstonbury


3. Pizza Tabun

We went to see Newton Faulkner near the Green Fields on Friday night (he was freaking awesome by the way), and had dinner in the Pizza Tabun on the way back. The tent had a great, chilled out vibe, and it was so nice to actually sit down for a meal!


Two of our friends, who aren’t vegans or veggies, went to Pizza Tabun on the first night and said that the vegan tahini pizza was amazing. From the moment I heard that, I was on the hunt for vegan pizza, and when we finally found it I was so excited to get stuck in that I didn’t manage to take a very good picture. Despite the blurry picture, the pizza definitely lived up to my expectations, and if we had camped nearer I’m sure I would have been back there every day!

pizza tabun glastonbury


4. Paellaria

My last Glastonbury 2014 meal was at Paellaria, and it was delicious! When we visited Barcelona last year, my boyfriend and I became huge Paella fans; however, it is not something we get to have very often.

paellaria glastonbury

We were therefore extremely excited to find somewhere that served a vegetarian/ vegan Paella at Glastonbury!


The Paella de Veduras (vegan + gluten free) was the perfect way to end a festival full of amazingly varied vegan food.paellaria glastonbury


I’ve never had such an amazing array of vegan options available to me; and this, along with the awesome people and music, made this weekend an incredibly special experience for me. Glastonbury, you were awesome. Same time next year?

glastonbury sunset

How to do Glastonbury… Vegan style

At the end of this week, I will be heading to Glastonbury Festival for the first time ever! Excited does not even begin to describe how my boyfriend feels about this; we’ve spoken about nothing but tents, line ups, and portable chairs for the past few months. I, on the other hand have been feeling a little, okay a lot, apprehensive mainly due to the showering/ toilets/ general personal hygiene issues a festival presents, but also about how I will find food that fits in with my veggie/ vegan lifestyle.

Recently I was trawling through online vegan forums where I stumbled upon a plethora of comments saying that Glastonbury is THE best place for veggies/ vegans. Some people were even saying that Glastonbury was the one time of the year that they ate veggie, simply because the food is so good. After finding this out, I’m definitely giving my boyfriend a run for his money in the too excited to function department, and can’t wait to head to The Green Fields (where all the veggie/ vegan action happens). I’m so excited to share all of my Glasto-food instagram pics with you all and will be writing a full blog post about all my vegan eats when I’m back. For those mornings where we don’t have the energy to roll out of our tent for breakfast, I have packed some Fruitina snack bars; they’re the perfect festival snack: light-weight, healthy and filling!

fruity snacks

To mitigate my no-shower panic, I decided to go on a mini-toiletry shopping spree. I am passionate about using cruelty free beauty products, so shopping for tiny toiletries is as exciting to me, as shopping for collapsable chairs that fold into the size of a shoe (yes, we have those!) is to my boyfriend! So for all you compassionate festival go-ers, here is my:

Festival Shopping List

1. Moisturising Hand Sanitiser (Festival must have!)

Crabtree and Evelyn at Marks and Spencer 

crabtree and evelyn hand sanitiser


2. Wet-Wipes (as an alternative to showering, aaaaa!)

Dr. Organic at Holland and Barrett

dr. organic wet wipes


3. Dry Shampoo (I’ve been told by seasoned festival goers that realistically, I won’t be washing my hair :o)

Superdrug own brand

superdrug dry shampoo


4. Mini bottles of my favourite shampoo and conditioner (just in case I can’t go 4 days without hair washing)

Tara Smith at Marks & Spencer

tara smith hair products


5. Mini bottle of body wash (for that shower that may or may not happen)

Original Source at Superdrug

original source shower gel


6. One large bottle of sun screen (this is the one thing that my mum insisted I didn’t downsize)

Ultrasun 100ml  at Amazon

Ultrasun 400ml at Amazon



Glastonbury – here we come!!