I have always been a big animal lover, so when I went vegan 2 years ago it was entirely for the animals. However, over the past 2 years I have become increasingly aware of the numerous environmental and health benefits of a vegan lifestyle. Lots of vegan influencers advocate eating a high carb low fat (hclf) vegan diet in order in order to feel and look your best, so I recently started reading The China Study in order to learn more. I’m only a few chapters in but have already been blown away by the impact a plant-based diet high in healthy carbohydrates and low in fat and protein can have on the body (and don’t worry, this still means you get perfectly enough protein for your body to function)! There’s so much I want to share with you all on this topic so I will definitely write an entire post about the book when I’ve finished reading it; in the meantime, suffice it to say that I have been so blown away by everything I’ve been learning that I have decided to start eating a high carb low fat vegan diet.



In case this is the first time you’re hearing of it, a high carb low fat diet is one where you avoid processed foods and eat an abundance of natural, plant based food. On this diet, the majority of your calories are from healthy carbs (fruits, veggies, legumes, rice, potatoes and pasta), and the remainder are from small amounts of protein and healthy fats like avocado and nuts.

So, back to the point of this post, I know it can be tough knowing what to eat when you first go vegan, so I decided to record ‘What I Eat In A Day | hclf vegan’ videos to share some quick, easy, healthy and delicious vegan meal ideas with you all. You can watch my first video featuring the following meals below:

Breakfast ▷▷▷ green smoothie & strawberry smoothie
Lunch ▷▷▷ homemade chips, avocado & salad
Snack ▷ watermelon & passionfruit
Dinner ▷ spaghetti, veggie bolognese & tiger bread

If you have any questions on this topic I’d be happy to answer them as best I can, so please feel free to comment them under this post or on my YouTube video!

xo Jade