fed by water

FED by water review

Ever since we got back from New York & Las Vegas where we had some incredible vegan pizzas, Matt and I have been on the hunt for a reeeally good vegan pizza restaurant. When Matt heard that FED by water serves ‘the best vegan pizza in London’, we knew we had to check it out.

FED is a cool little restaurant in Dalston that offers both vegan and non-vegan Italian cuisine, making it the perfect place to hang out with non-vegan friends/family. I love that this concept restaurant also aims to spread awareness about the nutritional importance of pure water because who doesn’t love chilled, clean water and all of the amazing things drinking it in abundance can do for our bodies?!

Now, onto the mouth-watering food…


I ordered a vegan cheese margherita with portobello mushrooms and red onions, whilst Matt ordered the ‘Silly’, a vegan cheese pizza topped with broccoli and soya sausage. We both agreed that the toppings and cheese were incredible and the crust was perfectly crispy.

fed by water vegan pizza


We managed to save a little bit of room for dessert and shared the chocolate mousse which was rich, creamy and just generally delicious!

image fed by water dessert

We both really enjoyed the whole meal so next time we’re on that side of London, I’m sure we’ll be heading back to FED.