Veggie Pret Review

I have always been a big fan of Pret; in fact, I think one of my first ever posts on this blog was about how to eat vegan at Pret (if you wanna have a little cringe at my 2014 photography skills – or lack-thereof – then  you can check that post out here). Naturally, I was therefore extremely excited to hear that Pret would be transforming one of their prime London locations – Broadwick St – into a fully vegetarian and vegan Pret ‘Veggie Pret’ for the month of June.


Fast forward a month and it’s great to read on Pret’s blog just how popular Veggie Pret has been, with sales in the Broadwick St shop up 70% on last year! What’s more, the vegan options have proved to be particularly big-sellers, with the top selling eight new products at Veggie Pret all being vegan! To keep up with the high demand for delicious veggie and vegan food, Pret executives have taken the very exciting decision to keep the Veggie pop-up open for the whole summer!!

As a long-time Pret lover, I knew I had to check it out, so headed to London to meet Matt for a big Veggie Pret lunch.


There were so many delicious options to chose from and Matt and I both like to eat a lot, so we decided shared 1 baguette (Artichoke, Tapenade & Olive) and 2 wraps (Avocado & Chipotle Chickpeas and Chakalaka); and as if that wasn’t enough I also had a Banana & Cashew Almond Shake, as well as a Cacao & Orange Pot (SO yummy!)


My favourite of the three was the Avocado & Chipotle Chickpeas wrap, whilst Matt loved the Arthichoke, Tapenade & Olive baguette. We both agreed that all of them were full of flavour and definitely something we would buy again!

The deliciously creamy almond milkshake has always been one of my favourite Pret drinks and I was not surprised to read that the Cacao & Orange Pot is one of the top 2 selling products at Veggie Pret, as it was absolutely delicious!


Following the popularity of the Veggie pop-up, Pret are now deciding what to do next, with Pret’s CEO’s blog mentioning that there are ‘some who would like to convert every fourth Pret into a Veggie Pret’ – how amazing would that be?!

If you’d like more to show your support for Pret’s efforts to make veggie meals more accessible (and delicious), be sure to visit Veggie Pret this summer and try out their abundantly varied menu! You can also fill out a review card whilst you’re there, giving feedback on what you loved and leaving some suggestions of what you’d like to see going forward.

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