vegan restuarant


love, and I mean love pizza. If we’re all being honest, who doesn’t?!

So, needless to say, I was extremely excited when Matt discovered Pizza Pilgrims in Soho.

Although not a veggie restaurant, Pizza Pilgrim’s caters very well for vegans, making it the perfect place to go with our group of friends that includes veggies, vegans and meat eaters. As if that isn’t awesome enough, at only £5 for The Marinara, the pizzas are extremely reasonably priced, especially considering its location in central London.


I ordered the first item on the menuThe Marinara – a delicious vegan pizza topped with tomato, oregano, fresh garlic, basil and olive oil (and added extra mushrooms, because YUM). With a perfectly crispy crust and flavourful toppings, it’s safe to say I was a big fan and will definitely be heading back to Pizza Pilgrims asap!