On all three of my visits to Berlin I have been lucky enough to stay at the wonderful Almodovar Hotel. There are so many things I love about Almodovar Hotel that keep me coming back: the beautiful decor, the friendly staff, the eco concept, the rooftop spa… and most of all the incredible vegan breakfast served at their resident restaurant – Bistro Bardot.

On this trip, my friend Anna and I spent 3 nights at Almodovar staying in a stunning Spa Suite. It was the perfect place for two vegan gals to stay whilst exploring the city as not only is the hotel itself amazing for all of the aforementioned reasons, but it is also in a great location. Almodovar is a short walk from Ostkreuz station, lots of thrift shops, Veganz 100% vegan supermarket and lots of vegan eateries including our favourite late night burger spot – Yoyo Food World.

We had the most wonderful stay and I’m so happy to be able to share more details with you as I truly cannot recommend Almodovar enough.


Almodovar’s hotel rooms are beautifully decorated in a minimal, natural style with wooden furniture sourced from sustainably managed forests. Not only is the furniture super stylish and eco-friendly, it is insanely comfy too. The beds are so comfy in fact that we found getting up in the morning very difficult. The only thing that incentivised us was the thought of the delicious vegan breakfast buffet!


Photo by Anna Lenda

We were absolutely blown away when we walked into our room and saw that we had an in-room sauna. It felt so luxurious being able to relax in the comfort of our own room after busy days exploring the city and stuffing our faces with vegan burgers. On previous visits, I’ve always stayed in a standard room, and even though there is no in-room sauna, the luxury of relaxing in a sauna is still available to all guests, by heading up to the beautiful, tranquil rooftop spa and making use of the huge sauna which has great views over the city.


Photo by Anna Lenda

Not only are the rooms stunningly decorated, comfy & luxurious, they’re also eco-friendly in so many ways, with all electricity used from renewable sources and the omission of a mini-bar due to how wasteful it can be.

To see more details of our beautiful room, you can watch our room tour on my YouTube channel here:


All of the food served in Almodovar’s resident restaurant, Bistro Bardot, is vegetarian, with the majority being vegan, and their vegan breakfast buffet is out of this worldThey offer veganised versions of traditional German dishes such as currywurst and breakfast meats, and I have to say our daily breakfast at Almodovar was one of the highlights of our trip.


The buffet is so abundant of delicious plant foods that there really is something for everyone. Some of our daily favourites included: hot drinks with a variety of plant milks, fresh juice, croissants and waffles with chocolate spread, faux meats, bread with vegan spread, currywurst and scrambled tofu, hummus and olive tapenade; and healthy girl Anna also enjoyed coconut yoghurt with fruit and cereals. Typing that out made me super hungry and desperate to go back for another Almodovar breakfast of dreams!

If you fancy getting major food envy too, you can watch my full tour of the vegan options at Bistro Bardot’s breakfast buffet here:

Almodovar Hotel really has got everything I could want in a hotel and I am so grateful that they kindly gifted us one night’s stay on this trip. As always all opinions are 100% my own and all previous trips have been fully paid for.

If you’d like to book a stay at the most dreamy vegan hotel, you can book direct on their website here:



On both of my visits to Berlin I’ve stayed at Almodovar Hotel, an eco-friendly, 4 star hotel with a roof top spa and an awesome vegetarian and vegan restaurant. Located in Friedrichshain, the hotel is close to the metro station and within walking distance of loads of vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants.




Almodovar Hotel’s restaurant, Bistro Bardot, serves delicious vegetarian and vegan food.

The breakfast buffet is a definite must, with its selection of vegan meats, tofu scramble, curry wurst and fresh bread. There’s also fresh fruit and variety of cereals if you’re a healthier vegan than me!


We also ate dinner in the hotel and had the vegan mac n cheese which was absolutely delicious.



Brammibals donuts is an awesome little 100% vegan cafe that serves delicious handmade donuts, sandwiches and coffee. All of the food was amazing but the hummus sandwich and nougat filled donut were my faves.



Yoyo FoodWorld serves super reasonably priced, delicious fast food in extremely generous portions. The schnitzel burger was absolutely amazing .



Veganz is a 100% vegan supermarket (how freaking cool is that?!) with a café attached. I wanted to buy absolutely everything in the supermarket, from cold meats & cheeses, to frozen pizzas, to dog treats, but as we only took hand luggage we unfortunately had to restrain ourselves. We made up for it by going crazy in the café and ordering two rounds of lunch. The cheese croissant and chocolate chip cookie were my favourites.




The Reichstag Building is absolutely a must-visit in Berlin. Walking around the Dome, you have a stunning view of the city, whilst the provided headset gives an insight into Berlin’s fascinating political history. What’s even better, entry is free but you need to book in advance as it is a high security government building.

(Vegan leather backpack from Create & Case)


The iconic Berlin Wall’s East Side Gallery is covered in beautiful, thought-provoking art. After wandering the length of the wall and admiring the art, be sure to visit The Wall Museum as it was incredibly interesting to learn about history of wall and definitely one of the highlights of our trip.



As you all know, I absolutely love travelling and have shared lots of vegan travel posts on this blog and on my YouTube channel over the past couple of years. So, when I was asked to give a speech at the first ever Surrey Vegan Fair (which took place last weekend), I decided to talk about: MY TOP TIPS TO MAKE TRAVELLING AS A VEGAN AS FUN, EASY & STRESS-FREE AS POSSIBLE! It was such a fun experience and I think the tips are all super helpful, so I decided to write them up into a blog post so that you can all access them any time you like! If you have any tips to add, be sure to write them in the comments down below!

Vegan Travel Tips.png


I always set aside around an hour before going on a trip to research vegan / vegan-friendly restaurants in location where I’ll be staying. The main resources I use to do this are:

  • Happy Cow – great website for finding vegan & vegan-friendly restaurants
  • Blogs – google vegan (location) i.e. vegan LA and lots of blogs will pop up
  • YouTube – search vegan (location) and you can watch loads of travel diaries / guides
  • Instagram – searching #vegan(location) is a great way to find delicious looking food
  • Google / Apple maps –  go to the maps app on your smartphone, type in ‘vegan (location)‘, it will pop up with a whole bunch of pins and you can find restaurants near where you’ll be staying

After I’ve done a little research, I prepare a list of the top restaurants that I want to visit and take that with me on my trip.


Being prepared will require a little bit of pre-planning but it will save you so much time and stress on your trip so will definitely be worth it. There are 3 main ways I prepare:

  • Take snacks: As you’ll probably be going on trips / exploring during the day, you won’t always be able to plan where you’ll be and if there’ll be a vegan restaurant near by. I therefore like to take snacks with me, and any type of protein / breakfast bar such as Clif bars are great, as they’re filling and fuel you for your day.
  • Find a supermarket / health food store near by: before my trip, I always do a quick google search to see if there’s a store nearby where I’ll be staying, so that I know I’ll be able to buy snacks there, and therefore don’t have to bring them with me.
  • Contact in advance:
    • The accommodation I’ll be staying at to see if they offer vegan meals or if anything they serve can be veganised.
    • The airline I’ll be flying with to book a vegan meal for the flight.


If you’re travelling to a country where you don’t speak the native language, you’ll need a way to communicate your dietary needs. The way I do this is to:

  • Learn how to say: ‘vegan / vegetarian no eggs or dairy‘ if I feel comfortable speaking in the native language (which doesn’t happen very often).
  • Save translated phrase on phone / print card: before my trip I use google translate to translate the phrase ‘vegan / vegetarian no eggs or dairy‘. I then print screen it and save it as a photo on my phone to show to the waiters/waitresses in any restaurants I visit. You could also write out / type up a card to take with you and keep in your wallet.
  • Learn specific cultural things to look out for: for example, in Thailand fish oil is often added to lots of dishes, so it would be useful to take a card with you saying ‘no fish oil, please’ in Thai.
  • Siri is your friend: iPhone’s siri and similar voice-recognition softwares on other smartphones can be so handy on your trip! For instance, when my mum and I were in Italy last year, I activated siri and said ‘find dairy-free ice-cream near me’ and it led us to a great little gelateria that served delicious vegan ice-cream!


If you don’t have a particular place in mind to travel to, there are plenty of ways that you can make your trip vegan-friendly:

  • If possible:
    • Choose a vegan-friendly location: PETA releases an annual list of the Top 10 Vegan-Friendly Citites, so choosing one of these cities to visit is a great idea
    • Go on a vegan specific holiday: there are now lots of vegan-specific holidays you can go on, such as vegan cruises and vegan camping trips! These trips are a great way to not only enjoy delicious food, but also to meet like-minded people. A quick google search will pull up lots of vegan holiday options.
  • Find vegan hotels: I use the website to find vegetarian / vegan hotels all over the world.
  • Stay in an apartment / airbnb / hostel: or anywhere where you have access to a kitchen so that you can veganise your holiday by cooking your own food. This is also a great way to save money!


In case you’re looking for ideas of great vegan-friendly places for your next trip, here are my top 5 vegan-friendly cities that I’ve visited!


  • LA, San Francisco & San Diego in California are collectively by far the most vegan-friendly places I’ve ever visited. Matt and I ate every type of vegan food you can imagine during our trip, and got most of it delivered to our hotel rooms! There are also so many fun things to do and lots of beautiful beaches to hang out at.
  • New York is such an awesome city with so many fun touristy places to visit. It also has a great vegan-food scene, so is definitely worth a visit.
  • Berlin has so much historic culture to explore and also is insanely vegan friendly. During mine and my mum’s visit, we stayed in a vegetarian hotel, visited lots of vegan restaurants, and even shopped at Veganz – an entirely vegan supermarket.
  • Sydney, especially the Bondi Beach area, is filled with awesome vegan restaurants and also has so many fun places to explore.
  • Queenstown is hands down the most beautiful place I’ve ever visited and it was made even better by the fact that we found lots of great vegan-friendly restaurants there!


When travelling as a vegan, you want to ensure you don’t support any unethical tourist attractions that exploit animals. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t interact with animals on your holiday; in fact, travel provides a great opportunity to see animals in their natural environment and perhaps even to volunteer at a conservation project / animal sanctuary. And fear not, as for every unethical tourist attraction, there is an awesome alternative:



If you would like more detailed tips, you can watch my full speech from the event here: