Singh’s Vegetarian Restaurant Gravesend

I recently came across this list of six restaurants to get great vegan food in Kent, and one of them was Singh’s Indian Restaurant in Gravesend.  As it is located really near my house and has a delicious looking menu, we decided we had to check it out asap!

Singh’s is a 100% vegetarian restaurant, with most items on the menu being vegan or easily veganisable (is that even a word?! If not it should be!). As if that’s not cool enough, the restaurant also offers an entirely vegan buffet every Saturday lunch time.

Last weekend, Matt and I headed to Singh’s for dinner, where we were warmly welcomed by the super friendly staff. They were more than happy to chat us through which menu items were vegan/could be veganised, and also made some excellent dish recommendations!

DRINKS ▽▼▽▼▽

Usually I’m not a big fan of tea; however Jaspreet – the lovely restaurant manager – recommended we try the masala tea with soy milk and I’m so glad we did as it was absolutely delicious! The tea is perfectly creamy and infused with mild spices making it both flavourful and refreshing.



To start we ordered the snack platter so we could try out as many of the starters as possible. It includes samosas, a selection of pakoras and delicious potato fritters (both mine and Matt’s favourite) served with a tamarind chutney dip.


MAINS ▽▼▽▼▽

For main, we shared the sag aloo (a spinach and potato dish), veganised malai kofta (veggie dumplings with an onion and tomato curry), plain rice and garlic naan.

When Jaspreet explained that the naan bread was vegan, to say I was excited would be an understatement as naan bread isn’t typically vegan so I haven’t eaten it in a very long time! It definitely lived up to my expectations as it was fluffy, delicious and full of flavour! Matt and I also really enjoyed both of the main dishes, especially the malai kofta. This dumpling curry was unlike anything I’d ever tried before and I will definitely be ordering it next time we visit.


With a friendly atmosphere, lovely staff and absolutely delicious food, Singh’s is definitely somewhere we will be heading back to very often and I highly recommend you all try it out too! Thank you so much to Jaspreet and her wonderful team for a lovely evening.

PS – look out for a vlog of our visit coming to my youtube channel later this week!

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