February Favourites 2016

Hey guys!

There have been loads of products that I have been loving lately, from chocolate to lipstick to clothing, so I filmed a ‘Febraury Favourites’ video to share them all with you!

Check the video out below, and if you’d like to buy any of the products I featured, I’ve included a list of what they are and where you can buy them below the video ▽▼▽▼▽

Products ♥

Willow Lipstick by Arbonne – arbonne.com
168 and 170 lipsticks by Barry M – barrym.com
DIY makeup holder using Yankee Candle Jar – yankeecandle.co.uk
Washing Line Candle by Harper’s Bizarre – harperscandles.com
Choco cookie bar by iChoc – ichoc.de/en/
‘The Girl on the Train’ Book – amazon.co.uk
‘Daddy’s Home’ Film – any cinema near you!
‘Namaste In With My Dog Jumper’ – jadegreenvegan.com/shop
GoPro Hero 4 – gopro.com

xoxo Jade

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